Custom Orders

Interested in personalized candles for an event or your business?

I offer custom labels! You can utilize design services* or provide your a PDF file for printing. Labels are offered in a matte finish and printed on a commercial color label printer.

Retailer looking for a candle supplier?

I provide private label services as well as bulk discounts. At this time I do not offer wholesale (working on it!) on candles.

Do you accept custom orders or offer wholesale terms for your skincare and cosmetics?

Sure do! I offer wholesale and customization of skincare or cosmetic products. Customization include formula, scent, and labels. I stock over 20 carrier oils you can choose from to customize skincare to your preference.

For example, you prefer H-Balm with Grapeseed oil instead of Rosehip oil. I can accommodate simple ingredient swaps to customize the formulation. Keep in mind formula alterations will change the final product, but if you know you prefer, for example, Sweet Almond oil - I will pour a batch for you!

I customize labels for your special events and business just like my candles.

Minimum order amount of 12 pieces applies to H-Balm formula customization. Minimum order amount for other skincare products is 6 items.

Send me an email to get started!

*Services pricing sheet